Roberto Caporuscio

Roberto has become one of the most highly praised pizza chefs amongst his peers and in the media, critically acclaimed as “#1 Pizza in New York” by New York Magazine, “Best Pizza” in New York State by Food Network Magazine and among the top 25 “Best Pizza Places in the US” by Food and Wine.

A passionate advocate of the Neapolitan Pizza Industry, Roberto serves as U.S. President of PAF Pizza Academy Foundation, the elite Italian governing body teaching the 300-year-old art of Neapolitan pizza making, and certifies adherence to authentic procedures. The pizza maestro is called upon by numerous restaurants throughout the United States, for private consultations, and conducts an intensive, ten day Neapolitan pizza-making course at which he issues APN certification to aspiring Neapolitan pizza makers/restauranteurs around the world. Currently, Roberto is the president and owner of Keste Pizza & Vino where he teaches the art of cheese making at the Fulton location’s pizza school.

The Tradition of Pizza

The Naturalness of our Ingredients

The Secret of Leavening

Passion for pizza and an entrepreneurial dream to follow.

From Italy to the United States: today, Roberto Caporuscio is considered the first Neapolitan pizza maker in the States
- in chronological order and also quality-wise.

In 2001, he opened his first restaurant in Pittsburgh.

But his turning point came in 2009, when Kesté landed in New York City.

A success that, in 2012, was consolidated with the opening of Don Antonio in Midtown.

An appreciated and appraised Master Pizzaiolo, he is the President of Pizza Academy Foundation (PAF).

All of these have been safe bets, thanks to the loyalty of the many customers who love his pizza.

A success appointed by critics and the international specialized press.

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