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Shipped frozen overnight
Handmade by Italian Pizzaiolo

Master of Made in Italy. It is thanks to Roberto Caporuscio that the States began to know and love Neapolitan pizza.

Made in our NY Restaurant

Authentic Taste. There is no Neapolitan pizza without the heat of the wood-fired oven. Prepared and cooked directly for you, in our restaurant.

Shipped Frozen Overnight

Like in a pizzeria. Freshness, quality and flavor: a product easy to cook, in just a few minutes, in the comfort of your own home. 

Authentic. Traditional. Unique.

That's Neapolitan pizza.

Roberto Caporuscio's "American revolution" began in 2001: a few essential concepts expressed to their full potential.

From Italy to the USA, to New Jersey and then on to New York: passion and quality. It is thanks to him that, today, the concept of "Neapolitan pizza" is an unmistakeable one in the American food culture. The selection of fresh ingredients, flour, leavening, baking. He has trained hundreds of pizza makers in America.

Today he is known as the most influential ambassador of one of the most imitated products. His vision embodies a popular dream: Neapolitan pizza must be accessible to everyone. Without manipulating the essence of an inimitable taste which is flavour, fragrance and emotion: Napoli, everywhere, in the world.

Our Vision
Pizza Margherita with imported italian fresh ingredients
Italian Fresh Ingredients

Only real Italian fresh ingredients like tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil.

Keste Pizza & Vino restaurant in Manhattan NYC ships pizza overnight to all the country
From restaurant to your home

Cooked in our restaurant in New York City and delivered overnight to your home.

Keste Pizza romana is perfect for a pizza party
For your special Family dinner

When you want to try a real Italian pizza without moving from your home.

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