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Just the way I like it! Perfect dough!


He didn't taste very good

Fantastic! Crispy & delicious


Best Frozen Pizza

Excellent pie. Best frozen pizza you can buy.

Great Pizza/poor handling

In my first order, it appears that Kesté did a wonderful job packaging the pizzas, but UPS was still able to bang up the package a bit resulting in two of the pizzas being cracked and broken up. I followed the provided heating directions, and after five minutes in the oven I had some very delicious brick oven gluten free pizza that tasted just about as good as a regular brick oven pizza. I have since ordered six additional pies. Can’t wait to try the gluten-free Sicilian on my next order.


Generally I buy Naples style pizzas, but thought I'd give this Romana Margherita one a try. It was VERY good! Nest time I bake one (I bought three) I think I'll set out toppings and let the diners "decorate" their portion of pizza with the toppings of their choice -- artichokes, olives, capers, etc.

Dave Bowman

This was a lot better pizza than the four cheese pizza

Good save!

We had an issue with the prior pizzas and the owner sent us a repeat of the order. The second batch was just right and very delicious! Thank you SO much for going out of your way to create a wonderful experience for us. We look forward to ordering from you in the future.

Jackie Grimaud
A little disappointed.

We LOVE Kreste pizza. I’ve been ordering for a couple of years and never had a problem with temperature. BUT, this time I ordered 6 pizzas and when box arrived there was NO dry ice left and pizzas were barely cool. Worrisome!! Any warmer, I’d have to trash them!! Please, more dry ice- there was nothing but empty bags!!!!


Best gluten free pizza I have ever had better then most regular pizzas

David Abdoo

All there pizzas delivered to Tampa fla sat in an entrance and uneatable!.....frustrated that the last two orders from me never got there or left in the heat ..........

Mushrooms and Sausage
Steve Tschacher
Bland, Un-Inspiring, and overpriced

This was bland, un-inspiring, and overpriced! One time purchase only!

Best gluten free oizza

Delicious but damaged

This tiramisu is pretty hit and miss… it’s always delicious, but sometimes comes as shown, and sometimes comes broken up and smeared around the inside of the container.
I’d love to see a better packaging container to fix this

four cheese pizza

I tried the pizza it tasted ok but I wouldn't buy again I'm going to eat what have it's to much money also

Vincent Savage

Quite frankly it’s the best pizza 🍕 I’ve ever had! The crust is absolutely wonderful. The ingredients fresh and heating them up is a sinch! If you’re on the fence about Keste pizza you can rest assured you’ll be delighted with Keste Pizza

Clara Fonteboa
Melts in Your Mouth

Delivery was 2 days . My pizza was so fresh that I thought I had transported back to NY. Moving out of NY meant was not easy as Pizza anywhere else sucks. Once I got Zeste Pizza immediately placed in oven and omg I the pizza so fresh, so crunchy, so good. Thank you, thank you living in Four Corners Southwest food is so much different. No one makes pizza like Zeste

I don’t understand how this is so good

But it is soooooooo. GOOD. The ingredients list doesn’t get much simpler or cleaner. I threw a little baby arugula and olive oil on top as soon as it came out of the oven and was in heaven



Delicious and crispy! I add my favorite sauce and toppings and it makes a great pizza! 5/5!

Pizza Romana Margherita
26081 Rachel Hill Drive Andricosky

It didn’t cook well at all from frozen. The cheese didn’t melt enough, and the crust was way too hard. I’ll try one more, defrost it first, then I will be able to tell if it’s good or not. If I try it from frozen again, I’ll use my pizza stone. The Margherita cooks well when I defrost it first.

By far one of our favorite pizzas. We have ordered this pizza repeatedly, and will continue to do so. If you’re looking for a great pizza, it’s ready in eight minutes look no further and try this pizza!

My wife and I love this pizza by far one of our favorites